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Hog Plum Pickle
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Carrot Kharia

500 gms big red carrots
50 gms mustard seed powder
4 lemons, salt to taste
turmeric powder
little jaggery

Chop all the carrots with piller into two halves. Remove white and green part from the carrot halves. Make small pieces with knife. Add lemon juice and salt. Keep them overnight in airtight container. Next day dry them in sunshine. When the upper level gets dried up, mix mustard seed powder with little water and batter it briskly. Then add salt, turmeric powder, little jaggery and oil. Mix them well. Thereafter add all the carrot pieces. Mix them well. Store them in airtight container.

Note: Carrot pickle cannot be stored for longtime. But considering the nutritional value of carrot, usage of fresh pickle is advasiable.